letter to American citizens

Hello. I don’t know many of you. But I hope this will find you, through the few Americans I do know. I’m not going to say anything original here; I’m no more insightful than you are, just sitting in another country watching your presidential campaigns with the same anxiety as you. Still I need to voice this, because you’re voting for my future too. You’re voting for everybody’s future.

Yesterday I took the time to watch this entire speech from Cleveland, Ohio. It was the first time I saw Donald Trump speak without some kind of parody-filter. It was fairly boring and I had to take a break half way through because he repeated himself so many times. But somehow I needed to watch something that was full-length.

What made me really sad was that I don’t even see the point of all the joke-videos, the short and funny quotes about a wall on the Mexican border, and so on.

This full speech is as bad as anything, and it reminds me of one person especially:
Adolf Hitler. So I guess many of you know this, that you are facing getting yourself a president who is a fascist in every sense of the word; the hatred, the racism, the spectacle, the simple, repeated messages, the easy-to-remember names; (”Crooked Hillary”, never just ”Hillary”), the pure energy of speech, no argument build-up, just loose association.

I am a Danish poet and I recently gave a two-hour interview in Danish radio. The journalist noted that I never seem to keep on track when I am talking. I digress, I trail off, I think about something else entirely, and I get agitated. I get angry and I repeat myself and make funny voices when quoting my enemies. This I have in common with Donald Trump. Fascists and poets have their wild energy and their anti-elitist power in common.

Donald Trump and I, we don’t care much about long explanations and bureaucracy. This is why many Bernie Sanders-voters have left for Donald Trump. Because it seemed simpler.

Make America Great Again is the simplest version of socialism. It is solidarity in its fascist, racist, bogus-version, where the ”Silent Minority” is being promised something they are not going to get.

But as the Jewish-German philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote:

Fascists aestethecize politicis. So communists must retaliate by politicizing art.

Please please watch Donald Trump’s speech from Cleveland, if you haven’t already, the link is below. Please take the time to write solid critique about this man.

Every time somebody makes fun of him or his wife or his children or even his paedophile friend who used to run some kind of brothel with underage-girls, his most loyal voters are confirmed in their presumption that elitists are out to get their man.

We, the elitists, are attacking Trump for being inexperienced when this is what anybody who feels left behind by politicians will long for:

New faces, new initiatives, new promises.

This is a global tendency, of course, look at Britain. Look at Denmark, where I am from. We are a tiny country and we are lucky that we have so much. But somehow, even Danish people have come to prefer populism to anything else. This is incredibly sad. Please please please make sure voters learn to differ between populism and true solidarity.

It means the world, no joke: the world.

Goodbye and : If you knew all this already, please bear with me and just send it on or write your own letter to Americans you know. Goodbye again, I am sitting in a summer breeze writing this, I am lucky, I am lucky







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